FINE ART > Global City Babel

A manipulated photograph of New York's Brooklyn Bridge is turned up-side-down. The Tower of Babel over the city of New York, a type for all earthly cities, is burning. This references the prophetic book of Revelation, which is full of symbolism. Chapters 17 and 18 portray the doom of Babylon, the Great Prostitute also called The Harlot -- those who are not the Bride of Christ --"They (those follows of the Beast) will make her (Babylon, the Harlot) desolate and naked and devour her flesh and burn her with fire ... and the woman that you saw is the great city."

"But we have an everlasting city (Hebrews 11:13), eternal in the heavens, a city that cannot be shaken," (Hebrews 12: 27-29).

Babel New York
The Mystery of Babylon
mixed media
54" x 32"