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The Festival of Succoth (Sukkot) begins on the fifth day after Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). After the sacrificial blood of the Lamb and forgiveness of sin, there follows a week long joyous celebration of God's covering and provision for His people during their wilderness journey. God's people were commanded to take a camping trip-holiday, build a tent and bring fruits and palm branches to celebrate the final "Ingathering" or harvest.
On the first day, you will take for yourselves a fruit of a beautiful tree, palm branches, twigs of a braided tree and brook willows, and you will rejoice before the LORD your GOD for seven days.-Leviticus 23:40

The Feast of Tabernacles / Succoth
The Feast of Tabernacles / Succoth
oil, wax, and text
12 x 12 inches