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This painting began with a small page from a grade school science text book page about breathing. The book page was titled Artificial Respiration and was illustrated with a bell jar containing two deflated balloons. The science book title became the title of the painting. The Gardener poem as well as the circular thorny crown surrounding the text are relevant to the theme of my Learning to Breathe Series.
In the midst of brokenness we learn to breathe. We become a living soul when we take our first breath. But we must have “artificial respiration" if we are to breathe spiritually.

The dark holes referred to in The Gardener poem are important to the spiritual growth of our lives. Are they sown purposefully and tended by a Master Gardener?

Artificial Respiration / Learning to Breathe Series oil and charcoal on canvas
Artificial Respiration
oil on canvas
36" x 36" SOLD