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Christ’s death split apart the Old Covenant veil in the Holy of Holies (Matthew 25). He broke down the dividing wall, and “the mystery hidden for ages” became the focal point of time and history. Like C.S. Lewis said about the Incarnation, “If the thing happened, it was the central event in the history of the earth”
( from Miracles, chap. 14).
The head of Christ, crowned with thorns, is the wedge that breaks the thorny death veil. What irony , that the King of Kings wears thorns to break thorns. His crucified body is being poured out into the blackened sphere of the cursed earth. The blue, red and gold palette emphasize the Scripture, “These three bear witness, the water, the blood, and the spirit.” The Word of God became flesh and blood and dwelt among us.

Let Earth Receive Her King
Let Earth Receive Her King
acrylic on paper
22" x 30"