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Although logos is common to all, most people live as if they had a wisdom of their own.
T.S. Eliot ( p.77. Fr.2 Four Quartets)

In our postmodern culture the medium of collage is used as a statement that art no longer has authentic meaning apart from some collected diversity. Truth and individual creativity are blurred and ultimate truth cannot be known. Images are manipulated for power or someone's relative truth.
I use collage and layered images and texts to bring unity out of diversity and to point to the truth and the mystery of Christ who is “the Word made flesh.” He is the creator of things seen and unseen. He is Spirit and flesh and Word and Image. He speaks daily in creation, the "fullness of his glory." This Master of layered meanings, allegory, metaphor, and the “revealer of secrets,” brings beauty and grace to a broken world.

The Presentation  oil and charcoal on canvas
oil and charcoal on canvas
36" x 36"
Glossolalia / What Language Can I Borrow...
cold wax and oil on birch panel
40 x 40 inches
mixed media
30" x 30"
Word Breathed  Spirit Breath
oil and charcoal on panel
38 x 52 inches
In the House of My Pilgrimage
12 x 12 inches
FIrst Adam / Second Adam II giclee on Provence rag paper
collage/oil glazes/ davy board (sold) giclee print available
18" x 26"
Ready for Love original mixed media painting on canvas
mixed media
24" x 24"